About HomeLife Warranty Protection

Who do you call when the refrigerator fries or your washing machine dies? If you’re calling a repairman, there is a good chance you are paying too much. HomeLife Warranty Protection, a home warranty provider based in Gilbert, Arizona, is the homeowner’s budget-friendly lifeline against unexpected and expensive household system and appliance repairs.

HomeLife Warranty Protection warranty contracts are annual agreements that can help offset costly repairs and replacements. Unlike an insurance policy that covers damages, a warranty with HomeLife Warranty Protection helps homeowners proactively respond to the root of the problem. Warranty holders pay a small monthly fee and have access to a vast network of professional repair providers located nearby their home. When an appliance breaks or system malfunctions, the homeowner simply calls HomeLife Warranty Protection to discuss the issue. A representative will quickly dispatch an expert who will determine if the breakdown is covered under the home warranty. Homeowners pay a small trade call fee once the repair is approved.

Home warranties through HomeLife Warranty Protection are available for the most expensive and widely used appliances and systems in the home. Electrical, plumbing, kitchen appliances, – even pool and spa equipment can be covered. If you’re not happy with your current home warranty coverage provider, check out HomeLife Warranty Protection and sleep easy knowing that you are covered.

Stop paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for repairs of properly-maintained equipment. One call to HomeLife Warranty Protection is all it takes to obtain a comprehensive warranty protection plan.